Heres a garden we did in Toronto last June.  Along the side of the house, a previously under used part of the house was transformed into an edible corridor!  A bed of raspberry bushes, cabbage, and leeks were planted along with one of our self-watering ‘recycle bin’ planters filled with tomato plants, swiss chard, and herbs.  These are essentially reclaimed recycle bins converted into planting bins that have a built in artificial water table.  You can leave it for a few weeks without any watering – great for those that travel in the summer.

At the front of the house we focused on adding colour with an edible flower and herb mixture, some lavender and asparagus.  We also put together some entrance planters.  Instead of the traditional (and non-productive) annual planters, we went for a selection of harvestable plants with a purple and green focus – eggplant, purple cabbage, purple basil, and climbing beans.

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