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Edible….Entrance? 0

Heres a garden we did in Toronto last June.  Along the side of the house, a previously under used part of the house was transformed into an edible corridor!  A bed of raspberry bushes, cabbage, and leeks were planted along with one of our self-watering ‘recycle bin’ planters filled with tomato plants, swiss chard, and [...]

Our Market Garden at Aycliff, Ayton 0

Alas, our wonderfully bountiful market garden ended another chapter with the picking of the last of the leeks.  In memoriam, we thought it would be nice to show what it looked like at the beginning of the growing season (before) and what it looked like at its peak (after).

Growing Spaces Online! 0

Growing Spaces has now entered the digital realm!  We’ll be working away at getting this website functional, so stay tuned and in the meantime send any questions/comments to Happy Fall!